Vladimir Frid, Ph.D.

Geophysics, Geology and Rock physics






Employment History


2016-up to date

Lecturer.  Civil Engineering Department, SCE - Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel.


Leading Geophysicist. Geotechnical Dept., Chief of Geophys. Dept,  Isotop Ltd, Israel  (Applied Geophysics, engineering geology and environmental: application of geophysical methods (electrical resistivity tomography, GPR, VLF, seismic refraction for different earth based and airborne investigations)

  • Design, management, implementation, interpretation and reporting of numerous interdisciplinary local and international geophysical projects including oil prospecting:
  • Cooperation with geologists, geophysicists and ecologists during projects implementation,
  • Integration, analysis and interpretation of multidisciplinary materials received during projects’ fulfillment,
  • Interdisciplinary 2D/3D modeling of earth subsurface on the basis of geological, geophysical and ecological data,
  • GIS analysis and interpretation


Post-doctorate, Researcher, Senior Researcher. Dept. of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (Geophysics, rock physics and geology):

  • Investigation of electromagnetic radiation and acoustic emission induced by stiff compression, tension, shear, drilling and during blasting in open quarry;
  • Induced polarization and DC prospecting of phosphate rocks, oil leakage and underground openings;
  • Investigation of rock dynamic properties by ultrasonic method.


Senior Lecturer. Negev Academic College of Engineering (RA), Dept. of Building and Architecture, Beer Sheva, Israel (Lectures: Soil mechanics and Engineering Geology).


Geologist-consultant. Hasin Esh Industry Ltd, Israel (Clay prospecting)


Geologist-consultant. Negev industrial minerals Ltd, Israel (Clay and sand prospecting)


Researcher. All - Union Mining Geomechanics and Mine Surveying Research Institute, Russia (Rock mechanics and geophysics):

·        Development of the method of rockburst forecast by Electromagnetic radiation;

·        Investigation of electromagnetic radiation and acoustic emission induced by stiff compression;

·        Geophysical rock burst forecast in Siberian coal mines, in coal mines of Vorcuta (Comi Republic, Russia), apathite mines (Kola Peninsula), Norolisk polymetallic mines and Ural bauxite mines.



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