Vladimir Frid, Ph.D.

Geophysics, Geology and Rock physics






Courses taught



1.     2017-2018‎ Introduction to Engineering Geology (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College ‎of Engineering)‎

2.     ‎2017-2018‎ Rock mechanics for tunneling (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College of ‎Engineering)‎

3.     ‎2016-2017‎ Soil mechanics -1 (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)‎

4.     ‎2016-2017‎ Introduction to earthquake (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)‎

5.     ‎2016-2016‎ Application of engineering geophysical methods for design, construction ‎and maintenance of tunnels properties (Ben Gurion University of the ‎Negev)‎

6.     ‎1993-2005‎ Introduction to rock physical properties (Ben Gurion University of the ‎Negev)‎

7.     ‎1993-2005‎ Applied geophysical methods for the rock stress estimation (Ben Gurion ‎‎University of the Negev) ‎

8.     ‎1993-2005‎ Rock testing by geophysical methods (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)‎

9.     ‎1993-2005‎ Fracture mechanics (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)‎

10. ‎2002-2002‎ Introduction to soil mechanics (+ laboratory and exercises) (Negev ‎Academic ‎College of Engineering)‎

11. ‎2002-2002‎ Introduction to engineering geology (+ exercises), (Negev Academic ‎College ‎of Engineering)‎


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