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A good gift is a desirable gift. The holidays approach imperceptibly while a gift bought at the last moment is rarely lucky. Don't give any gift. A hand-made gift will be a beautiful decoration of your home interior.

I recommend you the hand-made gifts. All things are unique since they are fulfilled in a single specimen. However, some of them could be prepared by your order. 

For prices and delivering condition please write to my email.




The products in the mosaic technique





Bead mosaic


 It is not intricate to astonish by the great, to amaze by the  little is a big miracle. The bright mosaic is very showy, magic and even bewitching. The combination of the different shades of beads with the splashes of various materials creates a unique ornament. Such a product will be a beautiful and stylish addition to any interior. 


Летняя хамса


Summer Hamsah

Height is 12 cm


Весенняя хамса


Spring Hamsah

Height is 12 cm


Колокольчик Мария-Антуанетта

Marie Antoinette

Height is 12 cm


Бисерная птичка


Bead bird

Height is 10 cm

Голубая туфелька


Blue shoe









 Stained glass mosaic


Бутылка Арт-нуво

Art Nouveau bottle

Height 22 cm





Мой Иерусалим

Мой Иерусалим

My Jerusalem


Height 25 cm




Height 22 cm


Роза в хрустале

Roses in crystal


Height 28 cm





Летняя бутылка

Цветочная бутылка



The delicate, elegant thing, which easily fits romantic interior of a woman, who is the owner of hats, laces and glossy bands.

The little glass bottle 20 cm in height, covered by the mosaics from pearly glass and crashed plates.



Finishing fragment of the eastern interior or a small vase what is the fate of this bottle? You will decide this.

The tin bottle 25 cm in height, covered by the colored glass and mirror. 


Summer bottle

The honey, warm thing.

The small glass bottle 20 cm in height covered by the colored glass mosaics and crashed plates.   




Flower bottle

Flowering tide is very short. This bottle will always gratify you by its dappled floral unrepeatable ornament.

The big glass bottle 30 cm in height, covered by colored glass mosaics.






Барский стул


 The actual instrument, covered by colored glass and mirror.


For sale only in Israel


May be your lovely pet or a lovely pet of your friends is similar to this cat. If so, this thing has to be yours.

The colored glass mosaics 28 cm in diameter. The figure is within a frying pan, which could be easily hung up near your home door.


For sale only in Israel


The decorative chair, covered by the bottle glass and mirror mosaics. The height is 80 cm. The chair is performed from a natural heavy wood.


For sale only in Israel



The charming plate decorated with eggshell mosaics will be a beautiful and ingenious gift. (30 cm in diameter)






Ромашковое лето





Flower field

This ornamental flowerpot will ensure your summer spirit even if the weather outdoors is cold and not cozy. This ornamental flowerpot is covered by ceramic tiles. It takes a long time to examine this amazing unrepeatable flowered ornament. Height is 25 cm.


For sale only in Israel




The painting over glass with stained glass window paints. Dimensions 30x40 cm 












Cross stitch and needleworks


Blue tree

Веселая птица


Цветочные часы

Blue tree

The picture embroidered with X-shaped stitches is based on Monett pictures.

Dimensions 20x30 cm 

A joyful bird - Teapot's warmer

Put it on your teapot and your tea will always be hot and odorous.

Heater on a teapot, embroidered with X-shaped stitches.


The sea landscape will nicely fit any interior and will remind of summer and holidays. The picture is embroidered with X-shaped stitches

Dimensions 18x24 cm

Wall clock "Time of flowers"

The wonderful wall  clock decorated with exclusive embroidery will beautify your home interior and complement its comfort.





Flower field

For children




For children

Новогодний сапожок



Christmas boot  



Flower house

Floral field

The picture is embroidered with X-shaped stitches. Tender field flowers in a green meadow are very pleasant for eyes and refresh any interior.

Dimensions 30x40 cm 

The picture for a kinder room.


20x30 cm in size

The Christmas boot for gifts performed in the cross-stitch technique (exterior only). The internal side and lining were performed from a cotton fabric matching the pattern.

The house of flowers fairy.

Bright, happy picture performed in the cross-stitch technique.

20x30 cm in size





The entire basket of biscornu - Cross stitch

The biscornu, affectionately called, this is a small pad, which could be a needle bed, a trinket, a pendant or even used for the Christmas tree decoration. This thing made with love will be an interesting give for any women.  Cross stitch at both sides. 5x5 cm in size.


Корзинка бискорню   Корзинка бискорню


Норвежский орнамент

Варенье в кубиках

Мой сладкий дом

Голубые ромашки

Norwegian pattern

Jam cube

My sweet home

Blue chamomile
























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